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Communications In Caithness - "From Wick Radio to Magic Walls"

Science O3 was proud to sponsor a recent evening of talks at the Wick Heritage Centre entitled "Communication in Caithness - from Wick Radio to Magic Walls."

Harry Gray, Chairman of the Wick Heritage Society, presented a talk on Wick Radio (GKR), which at its height was one of the busiest of the UK's coastal radio stations. As outlined in the presentation, GKR played an enormous role in the life of Wick and was of strategic importance to the British fishing industry.

Images collected from Brian Faulker (author of the history of UK Coastal stations entitled "Watchers of the Waves"), the BT Archives and Wick Library's local history collection were also on display.

Chris Aitken, Computing Science teacher from Wick High School and 3rd year pupil Joni Baikie then gave a talk and demonstration of how modern communication technology is being used in schools, including Education Scotland's Glow site and app development.

Science O3 would like to thank Brian Faulkner, Charles Gregory, Tom Freeman, the staff of Fort Rock Perch Museum and the staff from Wick Library for their assistance in putting together information on Wick Radio.

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